2.6.1 Nitrates

  1. NICE CG126: Stable angina: managementOffer people optimal drug treatment for the initial management of stable angina. Optimal drug treatment consists of one or two anti-anginal drugs as necessary plus drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Nitrate free periods can be achieved by prescribing ordinary release nitrates twice a day, first thing in the morning and mid afternoon.
  3. A modified release preparation (given once a day) may be useful to provide a nitrate free period where a patient requires high doses of isosorbide mononitrate.
  4. Modified release TABLETS are more cost effective than capsules therefore when modified release isosorbide mononitrate is prescribed, use tablets, not capsules.

Please note, sample information has been entered into Chapters 1 and 2 only and although fairly clinically accurate, it is not guaranteed. The information was entered during April and May 2017 and drugs will have subsequently been randomly added during telephone demonstrations.

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