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1.6.5 Bowel cleansing preparations

With bowel cleaning agents used as preparation for colonoscopy, CT or surgery, fluid intake is important.

NPSA Rapid Response Report (RRR012) February 2009

The NPSA has issued guidance on procedures for the supply of bowel cleansing agents in order to reduce the risk of harm to patients from electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. They advise that:

  • RRR012/1. A clinical assessment is undertaken by the clinician authorising the surgery or investigative procedure (including GPs using the direct access route) to ensure that there is no contraindication (e.g. clinical condition such as diverticulitis) or risks (e.g. concurrent medication such as diuretics) from the use of a bowel cleansing solution.
  • RRR012/2. Use of a bowel cleansing solution is authorised by the clinician at the same time as the surgery or investigative procedure. This may be done by using the same form.
  • RRR012/3. The clinician requesting the surgery or procedure and authorising the use of a bowel cleansing solution is responsible for ensuring that an explanation on the safe use of the product is provided to the patient or carer.
  • RRR012/4. A safe system exists that involves an authorised clinical professional in the supply of the medicine and written information (including named contact) for each patient. See implementation checklist in supporting information for more details on this.

Please note, sample information has been entered into Chapters 1 and 2 only and although fairly clinically accurate, it is not guaranteed. The information was entered during April and May 2017 and drugs will have subsequently been randomly added during telephone demonstrations.

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