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  1. Mebeverine is included as a first line treatment, but it should be remembered that diet alone should be tried before any drug therapy. Dose is given 20 minutes before food, therefore no justification for twice daily MR tablets. Liquid preparation in swallowing difficulties only.
  2. Hyoscine butylbromide may be useful in gastro-intestinal disorders characterised by smooth muscle spasm and in terminal care, but its anticholinergic side effects limit its use.

Please note, sample information has been entered into Chapters 1 and 2 only and although fairly clinically accurate, it is not guaranteed. The information was entered during April and May 2017 and drugs will have subsequently been randomly added during telephone demonstrations.

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N.B. modified release tablets are excluded from formulary see below

Pack Price
100 tablet £5.22
15 tablet
60 tablet
90 tablet
Pack Price
1 ml
Pack Price
300 ml £187.00

Not modified release

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12 capsule
25 capsule
84 capsule £7.04
Pack Price
60 capsule £23.28
Pack Price
100 capsule £19.48
18 capsule